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Aug 28, 2016 All sermons are now on Our YouTube Channel Listen Download
Jun 5, 2016 Embrace the Community Pastor Randy talks about introducing people to Christ.Help them grow in their faith & equip them for ministry.What is God calling you to do to embrace the Community.God has called us to do more than sit & take in information. Listen Download
May 29, 2016 Peter’s Life Pastor Angel talks about the hurt Peter was going through in the Bible. Many Christians are hurting but they are smiling and saying ” I am doing just fine!” The Good News is that God Heals! Listen Download
May 22, 2016 Our Commission Pastor Randy talks about how we are not saved to sit.We are to Go make people disciples..We want to be out in the world making a difference both in our words & our actions, that Jesus has made a difference Listen Download
Apr 17, 2016 A Testimony about coming back to God Matt Ferguson shares his testimony about being raised in the church and turning away from everything he was taught as a child when he was 17.  He discusses why this happened. Listen Download
Apr 3, 2016 You Are Never Alone Derek talks about how God is with us in the good times and the bad times. There are many examples in the bible of this but are we recognizing this operating in our lives today? Listen Download
Mar 6, 2016 Tower of Babel Pastor Emily asks the question “Why did God care about the building of this Tower?” Listen Download
Feb 14, 2016 The Cure to Kosmos If you do your part God has already accomplished His. If you are not interested in doing your part, don’t expect God to answer. God knows your heart. If your heart is for Him, there is much grace. Listen Download
Feb 7, 2016 The Battle Belongs to the Lord There are times in our lives when everything is going well. But this is not when we seek God! Most of us turn to God when things are going bad. Listen Download
Jan 24, 2016 Overcoming the Drama in Your Life Pastor tells us we all have had drama in our lives.We can’t control people but we can control what happens inside of us.We must overcome the drama in our lives & separate ourselves from things that pull us from God. Listen Download